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Papua new guinea naked women

It is not clear from the video if he is dead or just unconscious. ” one man demands in the recording, which was uploaded to You Tube by the Commission for Social Concerns, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea. “Once they’re suspected they’re basically done for, they’ll be tortured and maybe killed as well.” The news outlet was unable to confirm accounts that one woman had died as a result of the trauma.

Witchcraft-related beatings and murder have long been a problem for the island-nation, with local government turning a blind eye.

In the video, a woman with what appear to be wounds covering her body pleads with her attackers to stop: 'My son, stop it! "There's no real way they can prove themselves innocent," said one source.

"Once they're suspected they're basically done for, they'll be tortured and maybe killed as well." One woman is reported to have died in the attack.

In May, a Papua New Guinea woman was hacked to death after being accused of performing black magic, and in 2013 a 20-year-old woman was burned alive on similar charges.

Traveling by dugout canoe and on foot, experiencing the dangers and wonders of a largely untouched world, she became the first woman to traverse PNG.

Salak stayed in villages where cannibalism was still practiced behind the backs of the missionaries, meeting mysterious witch doctors and befriending the leader of the OPM guerrilla movement who fought against the Indonesian occupation of Western New Guinea.

The New York Times Book Review selected Four Corners as a Notable Travel Book of the Year, writing, "Kira Salak is tough, a real-life Lara Croft." Book Magazine called her "the gutsiest--and some say craziest--woman adventurer of our day." Edward Marriott proclaimed Four Corners to be "a travel book that transcends the genre.

A major migration of Austronesia speaking peoples came to coastal regions roughly 2,500 years ago, along with the introduction of pottery, pigs, and certain fishing techniques.

Some 300 years ago, the sweet potato entered New Guinea with its far higher crop yields transforming traditional agriculturre.

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She’s an award-winning correspondent who’s risking her life by reporting on witch burnings there.

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