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on its head, before our pro-life vice president Mike Pence cast a vote that could lead to the premature death of thousands of uninsured Americans — a hardy band of protesters briefly tried to bring the U. After the last annoying pocket of resistance had been cleared, the U. Senate — once, hard to believe, known as the greatest deliberative body in the world — moved with not-deliberative speed to take a great leap forward to briefly debate a plan that no one has actually seen but is believed to divorce millions of Americans — maybe 15 million, maybe 32 million — from their health insurance, while fixing few if any of the actual problems with U. It’s time to belatedly wind up a doomsday clock for American democracy.

Looking back, we should have started a couple of decades ago with the rise of GOP obstructionism, the war on science, mass incarceration and entertainment’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” hostile takeover of political discourse.

After some ups and downs these six months since Donald Trump became America’s 45th president, we may look back on this last week of July 2017 as the moment the democracy doomsday clock struck — and the ticking noise grew insufferable.

Will Bunch has worked at the Daily News for 20-plus years and is now senior writer.

Since 2005, he’s written the uber-opinionated, fair-but-dangerously unbalanced opinion blog "Attytood," covering a range of topics (but mostly politics and the media these days); it’s been named best blog in the state by the Associated Press Managing Editors and best blog in the city by Philadelphia Magazine. ” before the Capitol Police quickly moved in for arrests.

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