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Dating and timing

I have been asked if I have any regrets, and I don't.

I'm glad we gave it our best shot, and I'm not sorry about any of it.

Everything about the situation screamed "bad timing."But it's rare to connect with someone, and rarer still to fall in love, so we decided not to let a little thing like bad timing— the fact that we lived oceans apart, that I had yet to finish school, and that we were both super poor— hamper our relationship.

A new relationship comes along and although its not ideal or fulfilling we proceed. Successful relationships start when two people are ready for the same level of commitment and contribution at the same time.

We believe in the Many people have a past relationship they look back on and wonder how that partnership started and lasted as long as it did. So how can you create that same serendipitous opportunity in your own love life today?

Romantic timing and time “Timing is everything with relationships.” Rashida Jones Timing refers to a specific point in time that in retrospect is thought to have had a good or bad effect on the outcome.

Time has a wider reference, including, for example, duration, frequency, and development.

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Your date may view your chronic lateness as an indication that you're irresponsible or inconsiderate of other people's schedules. Your first date went okay, but you're not sure about asking her out again.