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The Date Selection widget above is shown as an interactive widget.

The document designer can choose to display the widget as an interactive grid instead.

Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological database containing bibliographic records with citations, abstracts and indexing derived from biomedical articles in peer reviewed journals, and is especially strong in its coverage of drug and pharmaceutical research and conference abstracts.

Embase contains over 22 million records spanning 1974-present, with over 1 million records added annually.

All the dates are displayed in the grid, and you can click a date to display it in the document.

For example, the same document is shown below with the Date Selection widget displayed as a grid.

These resources provide overviews, which make them a good source of background information when researching public health topics.

If the user provides params via the grid Component Params attribute, these will be additionally added to the params object, overriding items of the same name if a name clash exists.The ghost does not give an explanation of any sort, leaving the ghosted wondering where he or she went wrong.This phenomenon isn't new, of course -- prehistoric daters sat by their curly-corded phones waiting for their ghosts to call, and assumed that call have come when he or she was out of the house.The conference solicits contributions that address themes and topics of the conference, including figures, tables and references of novel research material.WASET Conference Proceedings All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by competent reviewers.

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All MEDLINE records produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) are included, as well as over 5 million records not covered in MEDLINE.

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