Enabling development teams updating demo files

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Enabling development teams updating demo files

Don’t forget that all the configuration files end up loaded in the same context; therefore you should be careful and use unique names for all your configuration elements.Mule will refuse to load an application whose configuration files contain name conflicts.

CHAde MO technical team not only assures that all updates are technically robust and sound, but also that they are backward compatible, enabling earlier versions of vehicles and chargers to work smoothly with new models.Enabling dynamic change of the current during charging, making emergency stop button optional and allowing smaller cable diameters for V2H are included in 1.1 version of the protocol, published in 2015.High power charging (200k W), including protection against over-temperature, overload/short-circuit current protection and coordination, ground fault detection, as well as vehicle-side impedance requirements, published in 2017.We'll be rolling out extensibility features for developers to try before they roll out to end users. Though it may seem convenient to keep all your Mule configuration in one place, the reality is that a gigantic XML file quickly becomes unmanageable.

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The protocol evolution relies on interactions with Regular Members of the Association and happens via face-to-face technical workshops in Japan and in Europe, or via video conferences with the international CHAde MO member community.

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