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Faulting application when updating sub report

We were using crystal report from a long time, our application uses crystal report (version 11 & 12) & Visual Studio (VS 2008) I am using a separate crystal report 12 not the version coming with VS 2008.

and recently we upgrade our application from VS 2005 to VS 2008 and upgrade crystal report from 11 to 12, The problem is we print a report in a custom page (height 20.40 cm , width 38.10 cm) we use a dot matrix printer Epson LQ 2090 and the page orientation is portrait and the report prints fine In crystal report 11 without any issues, but after we upgrade to crystal report 12 we are unable to get the printout in portrait even we save the crystal report page with the custom page still it? The issue is in crystal report page setup when we select landscape the horizontal = 38.10 cm & vertical = 20.40 cm but since I print the report portrait when I change it portrait the values change into Horizontal = 20.40 & vertical = 38.10 but that?

We will always try to be fair and mark suitable replies as answers.In VSTudio2008, I goto File/Source Control/Open From Source Control and browse out to the solution file.I set the local folder and click OK, Team Foundation Source Control then gets the latest code for all the sub projects but create/get the App_Code folder for the ASP. App_Code and all of its *files show up in Source Control Explorer so why aren't they retrieved / recrated on a Get Latest operation Note, I tried to manually create the App_Code folder using "Add ASP.NET folder" but it blows up with the following error: "Unable to add folder 'App_Code' to the Web. The system cannot find the path specified." Note, my web.config is configured to use imperonation.Does the web build process run under impersonation Does my imperonsated user need some kinda of permissions for the build to complete If so, would be nice to get a better error dialog.

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