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To do this, try running the following script by copying and pasting the link that corresponds to your operating system into the address bar of Internet Explorer.Note that other browsers do not properly handle this type of file.32-bit: the file and run it on your machine (right-click, then "Run as Administrator" on Vista and 7) and follow its instructions.Logon Studio is a free program that allows users to change their Windows 7, Vista and XP logon screens.I used to use adni18's Desktop Weather Gadget , but for whatever reason it no longer works/is discontinued , i have been temporarily using the Weather Channel Gadget , but it constantly crashes , i tried to get the Accu Weather Gadget but all i keep getting is some stupid download Zip program that i dont want , that is not the gadget , i cant find a way to just download the gadget this is the site and when you click on any of the download links supposedly to the gadget it wants to download/install some toolbar blocker thing and a Zip installer , that i do not want , all i want is the stupid gadget not all the other invasive crap What i am looking for is a small non invasive Desktop Weather Gadget that is small and will sit in the corner of my desktop , not take up the entire desktop to view the weather conditions/forecast , similar to or wishfully thinking like Adni18's gadget , this needs to be for Windows XP Any help would be appreciated .... Jim Try Andromeda Weather Gadget Standalone gadget, no software needed A great Redneck Creation based on the awesome Andromeda windowblind by v Styler the data are provided by Weather Underground and it's working in my XP s.p. Well that one works so to speak (no offense to the maker) , but the issue with it is , it does not constantly keep current conditions , so you have to click "Refresh" all the time which pretty much sucks and takes away what i was looking for , i want something like Adni18's Weather Gadgets that constantly give the CURRENT conditions at just a glance (i wish he would fix or make those work again) , i sat here all morning thinking it was still 50 degrees F and then i decided to hit refresh and the temp was completely different , so this one does not serve the purpose i wanted it to ,are there any others that are like this one and Adni18's that are non obtrusive and dont take over everything , but you dont need to click on something or open up a big tab (Weather Channel gadget) to get current or 5 day or hourly conditions ???, you might want to tell him to update his site , since all the weather gadget downloads he has , are only the JPG's , and no EXE in any of them , and i would not have known about these if you had not posted a link , Thanks again !!!btw Adni18 had his very good reasons to change the Weather Gadgets download procedure providing his Drop Box link (many thanks to Adni18 !!Assuming that you do, try adding an exception to or temporarily disabling your antivirus software.

You can quickly change the images used by Nexus items simply by drag & dropping your favorite . System tray icons are originally small 16x16 icons, and can look very blurry when displayed on the dock at larger sizes.Stardock Desk Scapes is a program that allows users to have animated wallpaper on their Windows 8, Windows 7, XP or Vista desktop.It supports playing video as animated wallpaper, dynamically generated content as animated wallpaper, and more.Als je met de muis over een icon heen gaat licht deze als het ware op.Het programma is in een gratis en een twintig dollar kostende Plus-variant verkrijgbaar, waarbij de laatste natuurlijk meer mogelijkheden biedt.

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